Silje Norendal SN/2020 6

Bold. Exceptional. Unrestrained.


Olympic snowboarder Silje Norendal represents what A. N. OTHER is all about.

Winter sports have given me so much and it hurts me to see our winters get shorter and warmer.

I connect with A. N. OTHER’s environmental choices. Every aspect of the brand is thoughtful of the environment.

2 time Olympian. 4 time X-Games Gold Medalist.

I demand from myself more than anyone else does. As a little girl, my Mom would drop me off at the resort at 7:45 where I would freeze until 9. I spent my teens away from home, family, and friends.

This is what hard work feels like, and it takes hard work to get to where I want to be.

There is magic and excitement in doing things differently.

Having never ridden back country before, I traveled to the Arctic islands of Svalbard in search of something different. I ventured deep into remote parts by snow mobile, slept in a tent and searched for conditions suitable to ride with temperatures well below freezing, the constant threat of polar bears and unstable weather conditions.

Extreme sports are masculine, but I refuse to play the tough girl role.

I like to dress-up, go shopping, have the perfect long hair that is blonder than blond, and show the world that you can be an extreme athlete and exceptionally feminine.

I was training in Wanaka, New Zealand when I got 15 fragrances. Each came in a small unimpressive bottle designated only by a number. No names. No cover stories. No packaging distractions. No perfumers' identity. No biases.

A. N. OTHER stripped away everything, leaving me only one thing to focus on – what’s inside the bottle. As a professional athlete, I appreciate the fair play.

I chose #3. It's a light, not too sweet, Fresh Floral scent that you can wear during all 4 seasons. It was important to me that my fragrance could be used every day. When I go snowboarding or to the gym, I spray once, and on other occasions, I spray a bit more to get a more intense smell.


We gave Silje 15 fragrances created with unlimited budgets and total creative freedom to choose from. Some fashioned by award-winning Master Perfumers, others by up-and-coming talent. This is the one she chose.

Experience the full range of our bold, gender-neutral collection and get your $25 back when you buy your bottle.