We offer the most exciting perfumers in the world a radical proposition: an opportunity to do whatever they want without having to worry about costs or commerciality.

We receive dozens of perfumes created without boundaries. But only one is chosen for each launch.

Catherine Selig. Fragrance house: Takasago.

"Luxury is timeless. For me, luxury is using only the purest, rarest, and best quality ingredients."

David Apel. Fragrance house: Symrise.

“This fragrance was an opportunity to really have fun and make something with the things I dream of using."

Patricia Bilodeau. Fragrance house: Symrise.

“It was terrific working with no brief. It was an experience I will not forget. It was great not working with budget constraints. I just wish I had creative freedom all the time. Submitting the fragrance as it was and having it accepted was a dream come true."

Christine Hassan. Fragrance house: Givaudan.

“I love working without boundaries. It allows for the original idea to be conveyed without compromise and the result is a true artistic expression. As a perfumer, you are also completely exposed. It’s thrilling!”

Nathalie Benareau. Fragrance house: Symrise.

“I can create with notes and materials that really interest me without having to worry about price or commerciality. It’s very liberating. It encourages creativity, and it means that I can create something very meaningful to me that has great quality.”

Carlos Vinãls. Fragrance house: Symrise.

“Working on my fragrance for A. N. OTHER was refreshing. It helps to let the creative juices flow when you have a larger budget and you are free to think out of the box.”

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