Brands spend a disproportionate amount of money on marketing and gimmicks, leaving only a small budget for the product itself.

A. N. OTHER is different. Everything we do is stripped back to the barest essentials.

The confidence to spend less on nonsense allows us to invest more in exceptional ingredients.


Ariella Appelbaum, Founder


Catherine Selig didn’t hold back when we removed the shackles of budget, and used an ingredient more expensive than gold.

There is a secret to making this ingredient. Picture a dark and chilly early morning in Grasse, as the French farmers harvest a special rose before sunrise. They handpick the tender petals while the fresh morning dew still clings to them, following a tradition that has run in their families for generations. And just as ancient is the artisanal process they use to manually extract the oil from the petals. It takes 1 ton of these rose petals – enough to fill a barn – to make only 1kg of the rose you have in WF/2020.

Our bold bet on putting your money inside the bottle paid off when The Fragrance Foundation nominated WF/2020 for the prestigious 'Perfume Extraordinaire' 2020 award.

“I carry the entire Maison Francis Kurkdjian line and A. N. OTHER is as good as any of them.” (Nasreen. Owner of a niche fragrance boutique)

"I could save us all a bunch of time right now and just say, go buy these. They are that good... This is probably the best overall house I have reviewed." (Chase Dickinson. Fragrance blogger @scentthusiast)

“It has parallels with Frédéric Malle, but the result is very different. A. N. Other perfumes are very unisex, very modern and very affordable.” (Lorenzo Vasini. Owner of a niche fragrance boutique)

“The quality is off the scale in all the fragrances from @anotherfragrances. If you haven’t already, check out the collection of fantastic fragrances. I can’t recommend them enough.” (Steven Bishop-Wylde. Fragrance blogger @alifeinscent)


We offer the greatest perfume designers in the world total creative control, unlimited budgets, and a promise not to tamper with their work.

And with every constraint removed, expectations rise.


A handful of multi-billion-dollar companies create perfumes for almost every brand. You see, the same perfumers design fragrances for Le Labo, Tom Ford, Byredo, DS & Durga, Frédéric Malle, and A. N. OTHER.

Brands spin expensive stories to cover up this fact.

It takes confidence to spare you the gimmicks and strip the cover stories. Confidence to put your money inside the bottle so that you can focus on the things that really matter. HIGHSNOBIETY named our show of confidence a “revolutionary strategy”.

Try 2ml samples of the complete collection for only $25 and get your money back when you buy a bottle.

Our entire collection is gender-neutral.

Enjoy clean ingredients with no parabens, phthalates, dyes, toxins, animal products, or preservatives.

Feel good knowing that the materials you touch are sustainable and come from countries that respect the planet and enforce modern environmental standards. Glass bottles from Italy. Magnetic caps are made in France from a plant-based resin in a cradle-to-grave sustainable manufacturing process. The packaging is designed to eliminate a secondary shipping box and is 100% plastic-free. It's made in the US from recycled cardboard and 100% biodegradable organic paper.

Try 2ml samples of the complete collection for only $25 and get your money back when you buy a bottle.

Experience the full range of our bold, gender-neutral collection and get your $25 back when you buy your bottle.